Geraldine and the Rainbow Machine

The fourth book in the Gizmo Girl series encourages creative thinking while tackling the ideas of diversity and inclusivity. Everyone’s favorite second grader is back with an all-new invention sure to wow her classmates! Geraldine’s latest mission is to unite her class in celebration of their unique differences. When she sees the kids at recess giving the new kid from Pakistan a hard time for being different, she decides it is time for a new invention to help support her new friend. Sorting through her parents’ old gadgets and gizmos, she finds exactly what she needs to create the perfect rainbow machine. With one spin of the wheel, will her classmates be fascinated to discover how different they all truly are, but still realize they have so much in common? Enthusiasm and imagination go hand in hand as readers learn that science can be found everywhere, and you can be an inventor by simply using everyday objects. Award-winning author of the Gizmo Girl series, Sol Regwan, hopes young readers will identify with Geraldine as problem solver, born leader, and someone they would like to have as a friend.