The Peculiar Made-up World of Henrietta Marshall : (It’s Out of Control!)

With dark curls to die for glamorous Estra, along with the loyal companionship of her horse, Silverado, and tame wolf, roams the faraway and mystical lands of Azbathria, where she encounters adventures and is forever being rescued by the dark and handsome Sir Nathan, the Black Knight. Except that Azbathria exists only in its creator’s imagination and Estra’s (real name Henrietta) adventures all happen in her head. It is where Henrietta’s made-up life provides a striking contrast to her more mundane real existence as she juggles her home life with her parents, elder sister and their rescue dog Wolfie, school, and disappointing riding lessons on her favourite pony, Silver. In real life Etta has disobedient hair, nurses a terminal crush on Nathan Black and can’t help comparing herself to Amelia Armitage who not only has fairy-tale hair, but seems to be living the life Etta longs for. Can Henrietta get her life together? Or is she forever destined to be the girl overshadowed by Amelia, ignored by Nathan, and fail in her attempts to achieve ‘the right attitude’? Or will she eventually realise that the answer to living the life she desires lies within taking control over herself and her actions – in both lives.