Masato’s Garden

A soothing book about loved ones and the quiet power of meditation in nature. For children ages 5 years and up. Masato’s garden is unlike any other garden Johnny has ever seen. There are no pretty flowers and no vegetables either. It’s a garden of big rocks, tiny pebbles, and a spout of trickling water. Masato invites Johnny to sit there with him and take a moment to think about his sick grandfather.

Noah and His Wagon

A message about the importance of community, gently imparted with love. – Kirkus Reviews “A warmhearted picture book about building community one act of kindness at a time” – BookList Paloma feels lonely after her best friend moves away. Then she meets Noah, who’s out with his wagon. Joining him, she learns that being kind is the best cure for loneliness. A warm story of friendship, generosity, and feeling at home in a neighborhood. For children ages 5 years and up.

Un dia con papa

Una calida historia sobre la relacion entre padres e hijos, que se mantiene igual de importante cuando llega un bebe a la casa. Para hermanos y hermanas de 3 anos en adelante. Owen se siente un poco excluido. Desde que nacio su hermanito, cree que papa ya no tiene tiempo para el. Afortunadamente, papa lo ha notado y tiene una buena idea. El y Owen haran algo especial: lo que Owen quiera hacer. ?Que escogera?

Owen’s Day with Daddy

An uncomplicated story about the small ways that dads can help young ones accept their new siblings. – Kirkus ReviewsOwen feels left out. Since his little brother arrived, it seems like Daddy doesn’t have time for him anymore. Luckily, Daddy has an idea. He and Owen will do something special-Owen’s choice. So what should they do?A warm story about the bond between parents and their children, which remains strong even when there’s a new baby in the house. For big brothers and sisters ages 3 years and up.