Hip-Hop Genius 2.0 : Remixing High School Education

Many educators already know that hip-hop can be a powerful tool for engaging students. But can hip-hop save our schools-and our society? Hip Hop Genius introduces an iteration of hip-hop education that goes far beyond studying rap music as classroom content. Through stories about the professional rapper who founded the first hip-hop high school and the aspiring artists currently enrolled there, sam seidel lays out a vision for how hip-hop’s genius-the resourceful creativity and swagger that took it from a local phenomenon to a global force-can lead to a fundamental remix of the way we think of teaching, school design, and leadership. This 10-year anniversary edition welcomes two new contributing authors, Tony Simmons and Michael Lipset, who bring direct experience running the High School for Recording Arts. The new edition includes new forewords from some of the most prominent names in education and hip-hop, reflections on ten more years of running a hip-hop high school, updates to every chapter from the first edition, details of how the school navigated the unprecedented complexities brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic and uprising in response to the murder of George Floyd, and an inspiring new concluding chapter that is a call to action for the field.