Healthy as a Dragon!

Fearless princess and a whining dragon? What sort of a fairy tale is this? Not a fairy tale at all! A fully illustrated self-care guide for kids. “Ow! Ow! That hurts!” Just listen to that wailing. A little Dragon from a cave has a toothache-and no idea that a headstrong little Princess is about to take him in hand. Now, now, little Dragon, that’s enough of that! Take this toothbrush and toothpaste and our lesson can begin. The next thing we know, the weeping, messy little Dragon will be a friend for all seasons! Thanks to the Princess, he will learn the right way to wash his hands and brush his teeth, and a little about keeping things clean and tidy. He will eat green vegetables and exchange his boredom for sports. Would you like to join the Dragon in learning about a healthy lifestyle? You would? Well then let the little Princess show you how it’s done.

Amazing Plants of the World

41 plants that will literally take your breath away. Or even eat you!There are many books about Plants. This title does not show the best known, but the most weird and phantastic ones. Welcome to this botanical garden, where human feet have not trodden for many years. Actually, one has-or rather a pair of them have. They belong to a passionate botanist who spends all his time in the company of flowers. He does not seem interested in people, as he feels himself to be a plant rather than a member of the species homo sapiens. He may seem strange-or even scary, like anything unknown-but rest assured that he is completely harmless just like his plants are . . . unless you’re a fly or a beetle, which his carnivorous plants love to eat, that is. No worries, those meat lovers might possibly snatch at your snack if you have a ham sandwich or a sausage in your bag, but that’s all. Though some of the plants from this forgotten botanical garden look predatory at first sight, even spooky, they are still just plants that can never catch you. Enough talking, though! Keep your hats on as our tour of the botanical garden begins . . .