How to Spot a Dinosaur

The perfect rhyming children’s book for little dino lovers! We’re off to find a DINOSAUR! They can’t be hard to spot. They’re really big and stomp around. We’ll probably find a LOT! Join two little dino-fans determined to spot some dinosaurs on their day out at the park. It isn’t long before they’re in luck . . . behind the swings is an OVIRAPTOR! Oh, wait, no, it’s not a oviraptor . . . it’s just a PIGEON. On closer inspection, there don’t seem to be ANY dinosaurs at all! But with helpful tip from a fellow dino-spotter, they find themselves somewhere very special . . . a place where spotting dinosaurs is always absolutely guaranteed! Binoculars at the ready for a fun-filled rhyming romp . . . full of dinosaurs (yes, really!). We’re Going on a Bear Hunt meets Ten Little Dinosaurs with the ‘not-all-it-seems’ silliness of Shark in the Park! Publishing alongside Jurassic World: Dominion, in cinemas June 22.

Who Will Kiss the Crocodile?

From the amazing author and illustrator team behind the incredible Octopants series comes this hilarious, rhyming retelling of Sleeping Beauty – with added bite! Expect a toothsome crocodile, groovy grans and an EPIC 80s party . . . A little baby princess and a fancy royal ball . . . ONE fairy not invited, and she wasn’t pleased AT ALL!She cast a spell – and now the sleeping princess looks like THIS . . . Will ANYONE be brave enough to wake her with a kiss? Who needs a prince? This fabulously twisted tale will delight children with its funny hijinks and important message of female empowerment. Who Will Kiss the Crocodile? will make fans of The Dragon with the Blazing Bottom, Waking Beauty and Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig laugh out loud! Also available from this author and illustrator: Octopants, Octopants: The Missing Pirate Pants

The Hotel for Bugs

A joyously fun story about tolerance, embracing difference and speaking out against injustices from the wonderfully talented team behind Unicorn Club. The crowd started clapping and then with an ‘OOOH!’ They peeked through the entrance to get the first view Of huge bouncy sofas and soft, mossy rugsIn the brand new and fabulous HOTEL FOR BUGS!It’s the grand opening of the Hotel for Bugs complete with a buffet, pool and spa – the ideal place for bugs to go on holiday. Then a SLUG turns up . . . He’s much too squishy and slimy and is NOT welcome at the Hotel for Bugs. Until a small bug speaks up. A slug is no weirder than a dung beetle rolling poo or a butterfly tasting with its feet. Everybody should be welcome at the brand new and fabulous HOTEL FOR ALL!With detailed illustrations there is plenty for bug-finders big and small to spot in this beautiful, laugh-out-loud and inclusive book. Perfect for fans of First Day at Bug School, Julia Donaldson’s The Woolly Bear Caterpillar and Omar, The Bees and Me..

Octopants: The Missing Pirate Pants

The long-awaited second book in the best-selling Octopants series from the hilarious and hugely talented Suzy Senior and Claire Powell!Pufferfish has lost his pants!Where COULD those undies be?Ahoy there, Pirate! Step aboard -Let’s join the search and see!Join Octopants, Pufferfish and their underwater pals on a pant-tastic adventure filled with pirates, parties and plenty of PANTS!With its eye-catching, shiny purple cover this joyous story makes a perfect gift for fans of Pirates Love Underpants, Pants and Barry the Fish with Fingers.