The Tempest – The Complete Play with Annotations, Audio and Knowledge Organisers

This The Tempest Complete Play contains the full text of all five acts, with helpful annotations explaining all the tricky bits in plain English. It includes scene overviews and a context section, so that students can keep track of the plot, characters and historical details. Plus, there is lots of practice, with questions and activities at the end of every scene. We’ve also added Knowledge Organiser pages, which lay all the essentials out in one handy place, and audio extracts, which let students hear key scenes performed, just as Shakespeare intended.

Manga Classics: Othello (Modern English Edition)

A brilliant general in the service of Venice, Othello is also the new husband of the adoring – and young – Desdemona, whose innocent hero-worship has blossomed into love. But can a beautiful girl, so much younger than her husband, truly be faithful? Othello’s trusted ensign Iago seems to think not. Can Othello trust him? Can Othello trust anyone? Manga Classics presents Shakespeare’s classic story of love, hate, vengeance, and betrayal, with FULL ADAPTED MODERN ENGLISH text for easy reading.