Booma Booma Boom : A Story to Help Kids Weather Storms

It’s not the thunder that’s so scary, just the way that it arrives. It comes without a warning, and takes us by surprise. In lively rhyming text, a courageous boy guides his stuffed animal companions and his parents through a thunderstorm using sensory-based mindfulness to navigate his fear and find quiet within the storm. Through this soothing story, kids will understand that thunderstorms can also bring good things, such as calming rain and water for plants. It also demonstrates how sensory-based mindfulness practices can be empowering, enabling young readers to navigate their fear and find quiet within the storm and within themselves. Includes a Reader’s Note by Julia Martin Burch, PhD with more information about helping kids navigate their own fears around thunderstorms. A courageous boy emerges from under his bed to guide his stuffed animal companions through a formidable thunderstorm.