The Magic Fish

Alek and Ivan live simply by the sea until the day Alek catches a magic fish. Ivan wishes for more, and more, and more, until… he makes one wish too many. A charming retelling of the Russian tale about a golden fish, with free online audio.

The Princess and the Pea

What marks out a real princess? Why, the ability not to be fooled by fine trappings and the seeming comforts of a lush-looking bed. A gorgeous and funny retelling of a timeless tale, with free online audio.

The Emperor’s New Clothes

When two con-men breeze into a new town, they decide to take their tricks all the way to the top, to fool the Emperor himself… but how many people can they fool before they are found out? There are lessons to be learned by readers of all ages from this retelling of the classic Hans Christian Anderson story, which comes with free online audio.

The Baobab Tree

Long, long ago, the gods made the very first tree… and it could talk! Was it happy, you ask? It was not. The Baobab Tree whinged and moaned, it grumbled and groaned, all day long. But gods have a unique way of dealing with trees who complain too much. A delightful retelling of a traditional story, with free online audio.