The Love That Dares : Letters of LGBTQ+ Love & Friendship Through History

What this charming, moving and fascinating collection proves is that the [letter] form itself – a scribbled note, a declaration of love, an outpouring of passion, a bitter word – has always been with us. – Mark GatissA good love letter can speak across centuries, and reassure us that the agony and the ecstasy one might feel today have been shared by lovers long gone. In The Love That Dares, queer love speaks its name through a wonderful selection of surviving letters between lovers and friends, confidants and companions. Alongside the more famous names coexist beautifully written letters by lesser-known lovers. Together, they weave a narrative of queer love through the centuries, through the romantic, often funny, and always poignant words of those who lived it. Including letters written by:John CageAudre Lorde Benjamin BrittenLorraine Hansberry Walt WhitmanVita Sackville-WestRadclyffe HallAllen Ginsberg