Superbugs and Pandemics : A Max Axiom Super Scientist Adventure

A new disease has reared its ugly head. People are getting very sick with high fevers and an itchy rash. Even worse, it seems to be spreading quickly to several major cities around the world. What is this new disease, and why is it spreading so fast? It’s up to Max Axiom and the Society of Super Scientists to find out! In this non-fiction graphic novel, young readers can follow the team as they go on an exciting, fact-filled adventure to learn how diseases work, why pandemics and superbugs are so dangerous, and things they can do to help stop the spread of deadly disease.

Animal Extinction Emergency : A Max Axiom Super Scientist Adventure

Countless animals around the world are in danger of dying out! But why are species becoming extinct, and what happens when we lose them? In this non-fiction graphic novel, Max Axiom and the Society of Super Scientists are on a mission to find out. Using their superpowers and super-smarts, the team will break down this urgent issue into an exciting, fact-filled adventure so young readers can learn about the causes and effects of animal extinction and endangerment and discover steps we can all take to save Earth’s wildlife.

What Are Traits?

Some birds are red. Other birds are black. The leaves of an oak tree are a different shape from the leaves of a maple tree. Colour and shape are just a few types of traits in nature. Let’s investigate traits to learn more!

Is It a Food Web or a Food Chain?

A seed falls from a plant. A mouse eats the seed. An owl eats the mouse. Each animal gets energy from its food. How does energy flow from one living thing to another? Let’s investigate food chains and food webs!