A Farmhouse in Tuscany

‘A horseride through Tuscany, charming characters, a rustic farmhouse and love in the air’ FIVE STARS’With the backdrop of the Tuscan countryside the characters come alive with a lively and well crafted plot’ FIVE STARS’A lovely story about the intertwined lives of family and friends’ FIVE STARSUnder the Tuscan sun, the lives of three women are about to change forever… Donna has been running the Bella Vista riding centre from her rambling farmhouse in Tuscany, taking in guests who enjoy the rolling Tuscan hills, home-grown vegetables and delicious pasta. It’s been a decade since her husband Giovanni walked out, convinced she was having an affair. When the truth finally comes to light, can everything return to the way it was ten years ago? Or is it too late to start over?When self-confessed workaholic Harriet takes an impromptu holiday to Tuscany, she quickly discovers that the relaxing yoga holiday she had been anticipating will be anything but. She’s shocked when she’s asked to swap her yoga mat and leggings for riding jodhpurs and a helmet! But the longer she stays at serene Bella Vista, the more she begins to rethink the way she’s been living for so long… Shy artist Jess has had a crush on Donna’s son Marco from the first moment she saw him. This is her second summer at Bella Vista, and while it is a riding holiday, Jess was secretly hoping to pick up where they left off last summer with an almost-kiss. But is Marco still interested or will this be a summer of sadness? Perfect for fans of Nicky Pellegrino and Angela Petch, let Victoria Springfield whisk you away to to the sun-soaked hills of Tuscany. ***’A lovely holiday read. Can’t wait for the next book!’ FIVE STARS’If you want to feel like you are in Tuscany then pick up this book’ FIVE STARS ‘Funny and touching – a definite must read’ FIVE STARS’A Farmhouse in Tuscany does not disappoint!’ FIVE STARS ‘The author keeps us guessing right up until the end of this beautiful book’ FIVE STARS

The Italian Fiance

‘A wonderful story told with lightness, emotional insight and humour’ FIVE STARS’The backgrounds are so well described one could actually be there’ FIVE STARS’The Author took us on an unforgettable adventure. Highly recommended’ FIVE STARSIt’s never too late for happily ever after… When sisters Cassie and Lisa receive a wedding invitation, the last person they expect to be getting married is Jane, their seventy-year-old aunt! Convinced that she’s making a big mistake, the two put their differences aside to travel to the vibrant Tuscan city of Lucca. But there’s something magical about Italy …and this trip may just change their relationship – and their lives – forever. Jane knows it’s not just a holiday fling. After her husband of four decades passed away, Jane never thought she’d find love again. But Luciano, with his big heart and artistic flamboyance, fills her life with colour. Can she convince her nieces it’s never too late for a second chance?Perfect for fans of Nicky Pellegrino, TA Williams and Sue Moorcoft, take an unforgettable trip to sunny Tuscany with Victoria Springfield’s The Italian Fiance. ***Readers are loving The Italian Fiance!’I bought this as soon as it came out and thoroughly recommend it’ 5 STARS’I have read all the author’s books because they are so beautifully written’ 5 STARS’I loved the characters, they truly came to life in Tuscany’ 5 STARSThis author gets better with each book’ 5 STARS’It’s one of those books that you can lose yourself in’ 5 STARS