The Only Way Is Up : An absolutely hilarious and feel-good romantic comedy

WHEN LIFE HAS YOU DOWN ON LOVE, SURELY THE ONLY WAY IS UP . . . ? __________________________Twenty-five years in showbiz is a good run, right? Because after tonight, when her small (read: huge) wardrobe malfunction was broadcast to the nation’s living rooms, Daisy’s time in the spotlight might be over. It’s all about damage control now, and Daisy needs an escape route. Fast. Especially when her sporting hero boyfriend publicly announces their engagement – the one she hasn’t actually agreed to tell the world about. All she needs is space from prying eyes and time for the press to get bored and move on. But the only place she can run to at such short notice is the Cotswolds cottage she used to own with her ex-husband. Not ideal, but at least it’s in the middle of nowhere and close to her teenage daughter. Seems like a perfect plan, apart from the person selling stories to the tabloids about her and Tom, the local headmaster. But that’s just a rumour, right?The perfect uplifting and feel-good romantic comedy that will have you snorting with laughter. If you love Sophie Ranald, Catherine Walsh, and Mhairi Macfarlane, you won’t want to miss this!___________________________Readers LOVE Heidi Stephens!’One of my favourite reads!’ ‘I devoured it’ ‘Beautifully written, full of charm and a story that will capture your heart, this is the perfect read!’ ‘I ABSOLUTELY loved this book! It made me laugh and cry and I am already excited for what Heidi produces next’ ‘I LOVED this book!’ ‘Brilliant! Just Brilliant! Consumed it in a day as I just couldn’t put it down’ ‘I read it in one sitting and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a new, wonderful romance to read’ ‘A gorgeous, romantic book’ ‘A five-star read that will make you fall in love again’ ‘A brilliant array of characters [and] a wicked sense of humour . . . Heidi Stephens understood the assignment and delivered’ ‘If you’re a fan of romcom, this one is for you’