American Football Fears

Nothing can stop star American footballer Harris Weathers – until he has a jarring collision, narrowly escaping injury. Harris is fine, physically, but his nerves are rattled. He can’t shake the idea that he could get hurt playing the sport. After faking illness to get out of a game, Harris realizes he has a decision to make. Does he love American football enough to risk it happening again? And is there anything he can do to keep himself safe while playing the game he loves?

Fast-Break Friends

Anthony Duran has been Ricky Lau’s best friend and basketball buddy since they were little. But now that Ricky has moved schools, the boys find themselves on different school basketball teams. With few new friends, Ricky still wants to shoot hoops with his best bud. Anthony, on the other hand, doesn’t want to practise with an opponent. Ricky is willing to do whatever it takes to get his friend back. But what if that means letting his new team down?