I Love You to the Sun and Beyond

A heartwarming, educational picture book that allows parents to tell their kids how much they love them while also teaching them interesting facts about the world.

‘;I love you.’
‘;I love you more.’

Almost every parent and child play this game of who loves who the most. Wall decorations say: ‘;I Love You More’ and even movies have characters who join in with this debate. This book will help children understand once and for all how much they are lovedfrom hereto the sun and beyond.

How much you love someone isn’t easy to quantify, but I Love You to the Sun and Beyondis here to tell your children just how much you love them through more than twenty wonderful and wacky analogies. From python hugs to Nikola Tesla to the Mariana Trench, your little reader will learn all about the world and the amazing things in it while also learning the most important thing of all: how much you care.