Le Loop : How to Cycle the Tour de France

Le Loop: How to Cycle the Tour de France is the incredible tale of how one man took on the world’s toughest bike race. Ceri Stone is an ordinary guy. He wanted to do something extraordinary just once in his life. This book is the exhilarating story of that adventure. He lays out a template for personal success, garnered from some rich life experience, and he puts his theories to the test by cycling Le Loop. Le Loop is an annual charitable event where riders cycle the route of the Tour de France one week before the pros. This is an inspiring adventure for athletes of all levels that proves we can achieve our wildest dreams and laugh along the way. Much like the tour itself, there are extreme highs and lows, and Ceri faces them with a searingly honest sense of reflection and a trivial sense of humour. This story is warm, empowering and leaves you itching to get off your sofa – but with a template to succeed at the same time. Join Ceri in his quest to live a life less ordinary.