Shadow of the Shapeshifter : An Illmoor Novel

Two strangers in the wrong place at the worst possible time…a lone assassin prepared to do the dirtiest of jobs…and a guard sentry determined to stop him. A dark enemy is about to rise in Illmoor, something even more chaotic and twisted than the citizens themselves. Step forward Enoch Dwellings, master sleuth, who boasts a reputation built entirely on an intricate web of carefully calculated lies. Together with his hapless but increasingly inept assistant, Doctor Wheredad (no medical training whatsoever), he will do anything it takes to solve a crime that might actually end up costing him more than his own life.

The Venom of Vanquish : An Illmoor Novel

When a ragged band of mercenaries happen upon an ancient artefact in a hidden ruin, they unwittingly trigger a series of events that will have dire consequences for the entire population of Illmoor. While they hurtle towards a major conflict with the most twisted and malevolent mind in the land, an impostor sits on the Dullitch throne, his illusion sustained by the sort of dark magic that always comes at a price…

Too Much Information : The Hilarious Diary of an Oversharer

David Lee Stone has been a chronic oversharer since the moment he first learned to talk. In this brutally honest memoir told through a series of therapy sessions David recounts many hilarious tales from the 80s and 90s, recounting the lessons he’s learned. These include cautionary tales on why it’s never a good idea to deal with retail customers’ complaints using a sock puppet, why it was entirely possible to order obscene items that didn’t exist back in the glorious days of Blockbuster Video, why discovering what your dog REALLY thinks of you is a bad idea and how the sort of BMX bike you rode determined your pecking order at school.