Out-of-Control Rhino : An Impulse Control Story

Roxy the Rhino doesn’t mean to interrupt or cut in line or take things without asking. Sometimes her excitement just takes over. Roxy has a problem with impulse control. Thankfully Roxy meets a new friend who teaches her to stop, think and wink. Maybe some things are worth the wait… and friendship is definitely one of those things!Out-of-Control Rhino is part of the My Spectacular Self picture book series, which uses humorous and relatable stories to help teach key social and emotional life skills. Story-related discussion questions are included to allow caregivers and teachers the opportunity to help readers become more aware of themselves and others, helping each child become their most spectacular self!

Sometimes Cows Wear Polka Dots : A Tolerance Story

Millie isn’t like the other cows. The other cows make milk. Millie makes milkshakes. The other cows meander. Millie sashays. The other cows wear spots. Millie wears polka dots. Despite being teased, Millie continues to be herself. When her actions earn the attention and respect of the other farm animals, the cows start to wonder if they should be more tolerant of Mille’s uniqueness. Can Millie’s sparkle help others learn to celebrate differences so everyone can shine?

Heads Up! : A Resilience Story

Peanut has invited all of his friends to the meadow for a special day. This little chipmunk is finally big enough to fly a kite by himself. Ready, set, plop! Up, up, up… and right back down. What is Peanut doing wrong? With the help of his friends, a lot of patience, unrelenting resilience, complete belief in himself and, of course, a gust of wind, Peanut’s hard work pays off and takes his kite, and confidence, to new heights!

Hammock for Two : An Empathy Story

Sid the koala has a perfect new hammock, has found two perfect trees and is ready for the perfect snooze. He can’t wait for his peaceful nap. Unfortunately, there is nothing peaceful about Sid’s neighbour. Marvin is so excited to have a new neighbour that he won’t leave Sid alone, which annoys Sid no end. Will Sid realize how insensitive he’s being and show some empathy so these two koalas can be friends?