The Forgotten Sister

‘I thoroughly enjoyed this book … The characters are well drawn and believable’ Lyn Andrews ‘Fascinating insights into Victorian Liverpool and a heart-warming story make for an inspiring read’ Mollie Walton Abandoned and alone, can she find new hope? Liverpool, 1848. Meg Shaw is the middle child of eight siblings, not quite old enough to bring in a wage to help her struggling family, but not young enough to be a babe to be cared for. When the family realise they can’t feed all the children, Meg makes a choice. She volunteers to go to the workhouse for one season, and she’ll take her little sister, Rosie, with her. As long as they are together, they can make it through. But the moment they enter the workhouse, Meg and Rosie are separated. Abandoned and alone, Meg is determined to make it through, and soon finds herself surrounded by a new family of vulnerable girls in need of protection and love. Meg does all she can for her new sisters, but when a season passes and no one comes for her or Rosie, can she find a way to keep them all safe?