Chloe 3-in-1 #1

A hefty collection of great Chloe stories in one volume!The digitalbest-sellers return in a print collection! Tween Chloe Blin is growing up fast. Now at a new middle school, Chloe is retiring her childhood nickname (Misty),trying to fit in with the popular girls, and also getting some attention fromboys. She is met with second-hand embarrassment from her family, being thevictim of cruel pranks, and growing pressure of classes, teachers, and thegeneral student body. Not to mention the complications of trying to build arelationship with the boy she likes. Witness as Chloe tries to figure it allout, with the help of her friends, and even some wise lessons from her family(even if they still call her Misty some times, so embarrassing!). Chloe is thestrong tween girl protagonist everyone longs to get to know! Featuring sixcomplete spice-of-life coming of age DRAMATIC adventures!