Strong and Smart – A Boy`s Guide to Building Healthy Emotions

This book helped me know what to do when I am feeling sad or mad or scared.–EzraTo Parents and Other Caring Adults–This workbook was created primarily to help elementary-age boys understand themselves better and learn how to work through overwhelming emotions–all from a biblical perspective. This age group spans a lot of reading levels, so with younger boys especially, it’s best to read it out loud with him and clarify concepts as needed. Let him take the lead, though. With relatable stories and writing and drawing prompts to guide him, your boy will learn for himself what it takes to be strong and smart, tough and tender, loyal and loving. To Boys–Everyone knows you’re already strong and smart, like the title of this workbook. School and exercise help develop your brain and body. But did you know it’s also important to have strong and smart emotions? That’s why David Thomas wrote this book. To help you when you feel sad, lonely, or angry. Also available from David Thomas–Raising Emotionally Strong Boys–a companion book that provides more in-depth information and strategies for parents and educators.