The Lighthouse Sisters : Gripping and heartwrenching World War Two historical fiction, inspired by true events

‘I loved this heart-in-your-mouth story of forbidden love, courage and hope. A heart-wrenching book about family bonds facing the toughest of trials during WW2′ KERRY FISHER’A stunning tale about sisters, courage, and sacrifice that will keep you enthralled until the very last page’ ANDIE NEWTON’Really brought a lump to my throat. It has stayed with me since finishing it’ SUZANNE GOLDRING’Heart-wrenching, immersive, beautifully researched. I thoroughly recommend, together with a tissue for this emotional read!’ LOUISE FEIN’They were there for each other during the war just like the lighthouse, a source of hope and protection over the years.’1940: For sisters Alice and Jenny life is just beginning when the Nazis seize control of the island of Jersey, driving the girls down separate paths. While Alice is forced by the enemy to work in the German hospital, Jenny is attracted to the circle of islanders rising up to resist the occupiers. And as the war tightens its grip, it will cause each of the sisters to make an extraordinary choice, experience unimaginable heartbreak and emerge forever changed… 1996: The war may have ended decades earlier, but for the elegant woman sitting alone now, the images live on in her memory: her sister’s carefree laughter, the inky black of a German soldier’s boots, the little boats that never came back. And the one constant through it all: the lighthouse that always guided them back to the island… A gripping, heartbreaking story of two sisters in occupied Jersey during WWII – one a nurse, who is transported to Nazi Germany, the other, who volunteers for the island’s resistance movement – from the author of The Child on Platform One. Perfect for readers of The Nightingale and The Midwife of Auschwitz. ______What real readers are saying about The Lighthouse Sisters:’What an emotional read, I felt like I was actually living along the characters, I absolutely loved this book ‘ ‘I was gripped. I couldn’t put it down. Heart-wrenching at times and so full of hope and resilience at others. I really enjoyed it ‘ ‘A real page-turner ‘ ‘A wonderful read from the first page ‘