A Tale of the Secret Saint (Light Novel) Vol. 2

DRAGONS AND DISCOVERIESFia finally achieved her dream of becoming a knight, and was even assigned to the prestigious First Knight Brigade! But her unusual feats of strength and magic are already attracting unwanted attention. Keeping her saint powers a secret is proving harder than expected. Now, a black dragon has been sighted in Starfall Forest, and Fia is sent on a mission to find it…but does this black dragon have anything to do with her familiar, Zavilia?

A Tale of the Secret Saint (Manga) Vol. 3

POWERFUL THINGS COME IN SMALL PACKAGES. Zavilia has joined Fia at the First Knight Brigade, but to keep her cover intact, she disguises him as the weakest monster there is. Unfortunately for the pair, Zavilia’s small size can only hide so much-as one of the three great beasts, his tremendous aura gives him away, and one person in particular is very curious. Despite the interloper’s politeness, Fia and Zavilia worry they’re about to be exposed. And with everyone out in the forest searching for the black dragon, Fia may end up under more scrutiny than is safe for a secret saint…!

A Tale of the Secret Saint (Light Novel) Vol. 3

TWO LIES MAKE A TRUTHNow back with the First Knight Brigade, Fia heads to Sutherland with its lord, Captain Cyril. Fia remembers Sutherland fondly from her past life’s memories and is excited to go-but tension is high between the captain and his subjects. Worse, the people of Sutherland become convinced that Fia is the reincarnation of the Great Saint-which she is, of course, but there’s no way they could know that! Now Fia will have to pretend that she’s pretending to be the Great Saint, all while keeping her true identity hidden from Captain Cyril and the other knights!

A Tale of the Secret Saint (Manga) Vol. 2

A MONSTROUS EXPOSURE RISK!Fia Ruud, youngest of the Ruud family of knights, was easily the least talented swordsperson of her generation-at least, until her past powers as a great saint returned! However, her newly gained aptitude at both magic and swordplay were not without their price. In order to prevent the tragedy of her last life from reoccurring, Fia must keep her identity as a saint under wraps! Unfortunately for her, a learning expedition with the Fourth Monster Tamer Brigade goes awry, and her power’s at risk for all to see!