K’s Car Can Go Anywhere! : A Graphic Novel

This wild adventure’s plentiful humor…will delight young readers, as will its spirit of inventiveness.-Booklist”This imaginative graphic novel will keep young readers turning pages to find out just where K’s car can go. Highly recommended.”-School Library JournalK’s Car can go anywhere! Join J and K on a breathtaking adventure as they go on the ultimate road trip in the world’s greatest car. Tadpole J is ready for a lazy Saturday in Lilypad City, but his big sister, frog K, has other plans – they’re going on a road trip! K built a spectacular car that can go anywhere, so J packs them a picnic lunch and off they go! Beyond the lakeside cliffs, through the Spikey Spike Forest, and past the Domed City of Fafa. But when the road gets blocked at the Waterfall Mountains, they get stopped right in their tracks. Or do they? Because when K says her car can go anywhere, she really means anywhere!