Big Little Voice : Dries my Tears

Big Little Voice Dries my Tears is a story about dealing with the loss of a loved one and finding the strength to continue without them by holding on to your memories and celebrating the life they lived. The story focuses on a young boy called Jack, who’s world is turned upside down, when his grandad passes away. Jack finds himself in a difficult situation that he has never had to face before. Overwhelmed with new emotions that he doesn’t understand, or know how to deal with, he is not sure how to move forward. One night, Big Little Voice appears to Jack, and takes him back to see the happy memories that he shared with his grandad. With the help of Big Little Voice, Jack learns not only how to process his emotions and grieve for his loss, but also to celebrate his grandad’s life, and cherish the memories they made together. Join Jack and Big Little Voice on their journey as they discover that when memories are kept alive in your heart, a person never truly dies.