Children face doubt in every part of their lives. What will I wear? How long will I have to wait? Did I do it right? These doubts allow us to face our insecurities and teach us how to choose, learn, and grow as we decide what paths to take in life. Doubt is an intelligent approach for children from their own point of view that combines subtle humor with a little bit of irony to reassure the reader that we all cope with like unknowns. Through a warm combination of colors, Pia Valentinis illustrates these common self-doubts through animals, each asking a simple question that creates a comfortable atmosphere where the reader is presented with different ways of dealing with them. Doubt is a part of life, what makes us human, and in a world where we are pressured to be perfect, it is a healthy lesson to learn that the world can be wrong, that we are at liberty to change our minds, and that it is okay to stop and question, because “I always have so many doubts . . . Don’t you?”