The Great G.O.A.T. Debate : The Best of the Best in Everything from Sports to Science

Who is the Greatest Of All Time-the GOAT? This is the question debated constantly between fans for any number of categories. Who is the greatest basketball player of all time? The greatest band? Video game? Sci-fi movie? In The Great GOAT Debate: The Best of the Best in Everything from Sports to Science, award-winning young adult author Paul Volponi explores the “greatest of all time” in over twenty-five different categories. Volponi asks the GOAT question of writers, superheroes, musicians, philosophers, architects, athletes, and more. Alongside icons such as mixed martial artist Bruce Lee, basketball star Maya Moore, and rapper Jay-Z, readers will also discover the diverse talents of inventor Leonardo da Vinci, the artistry of jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald, and the genius of scientist Marie Curie. Full of facts, trivia, and mini-arguments, The Great GOAT Debate is sure to expand readers’ horizons and help answer the ultimate question: “Who is the Greatest Of All Time?”