Chicken Little and the Big Bad Wolf

Chicken Little is BACK! But this time, someone new is in town. Chicken Little meets the BIG. BAD. WOLF! Chicken Little is NOT afraid of anything, not even a wolf. No matter how big or bad he is! In fact, she’s never even seen a wolf. And this wolf is VEGAN! So when a real wolf shows up and ruffles her feathers, what’s a fretful fowl to do? Join the frenzied flock and fly the coop? Or find out if this newcomer is as bad as his reputation? The plucky star of Chicken Little: The Real and Totally True Tale goes toe-to-toe with literature’s most famous villain in this brilliant comedy spun with sly wisdom. A Sunday Times One to Watch Out For A brilliantly funny follow-up to Chicken Little: The Real and Totally True Tale. With a message at its core of acceptance and welcoming new friends, this is a witty twist on the traditional ‘big bad wolf’ trope. Another witty picture book from Sam Wedelich. Praise for Chicken Little and the Big Bad Wolf”Plenty of humor… and the message about difference and acceptance is entertainingly delivered.” — Kirkus Reviews