Watching Neighbours Twice a Day… : How ’90s TV (Almost) Prepared Me For Life: THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER

‘A wonderful blend of nostalgia, hilarity and personal anecdotes that only Josh Widdicombe could deliver’ James Acaster’Brilliantly observed’ Romesh Ranganathan’Beautifully written, cleverly crafted and charmingly funny’ Adam Hills ‘Retro heaven’ Alan Carr ‘A ’90s TV throwback dream’ Katherine Ryan Watching Neighbours Twice a Day… is part-childhood memoir, part-comic history of ’90s television and culture. Using a different TV show of the time as its starting point for each chapter, it discusses everything from Josh’s strange, rural childhood, to the BBC convincing him that Michael Parkinson had been possessed by a ghost, to Josh’s belief that Mr Blobby is one of the great comic characters, to what it’s like being the only vegetarian child west of Bristol. It tells the story of the end of an era, the last time when watching television was a shared experience for the family and the nation, before the internet meant everyone watched different things at different times on different devices, headphones on to make absolutely sure no one else could watch it with them. ‘Annoyingly very funny’ Sean Walsh ‘Warmth, wit and Widdicombe – with big laughs and pure nostalgia at its heart’ Danny Wallace’Brilliantly funny and nostalgic’ Russel Kane ‘If you read only one book by Josh Widdicombe this year, make it this one’ Jack Dee