A Stone for the Journey

The Havah’s Journey trilogy-Please Say Kaddish for Me, From Silt and Ashes, As One Must, One Can-abridged into one illustrated volume with bonus stories. No one can forget the bravery and perseverance of Havah Cohen Gitterman, the Jewish heroine of Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’s captivating family saga. Born in Czarist Russia at the turn of the century, Havah is the only survivor of the pogrom that kills her family. But with Arel, the love of her life, she makes it to America hoping for a second chance. There, Havah bucks tradition by teaching Hebrew and the Torah to girls. She is blessed with a daughter, who is born blind. Given strength by the memories of those who have been lost or left behind, Havah learns to rely on her faith and courage to rise above the prejudice and hate that hide in the shadows of the New World. This is her story, told in illustrations, short stories, and character profiles of the fictional and historical figures who cross Havah’s path. It is a tribute to the persecuted Eastern European Jews who survived against all odds and lived to inspire future generations. “This artwork and riveting story imprints the soul! Beholding such extraordinary talent, inspires our lives.” -Bracha Goetz, author of Searching for God in the Garbage