What the Wanstead Co-op will look like

The Co-op, currently an increasingly tatty-looking Somerfield, has applied to put new signs on its shop. The question of what kinds of signs Wanstead shops have is a vexed one, especially for the Wanstead Society, which ran a competition last year to encourage a “smarter High Street”.

Artists' impression of how Wanstead Co-op will look, part of the planning application, © futurama.ltd.uk

The Co-op’s designs are available to view on the Redbridge-i website
, and though much larger and (literally) greener than the existing Somerfield signs, will not be illuminated plastic boxes – they will be lit with spotlights. This may be cheering news to those who thought the High Street was in a spiral of aesthetic decline.
The council is inviting comments on the application now.

Wanstead power cut in pictures

Five hours after the power went out on the park side of Wanstead High Street it still wasn’t on. Which wasn’t good news for lots of shops, the doctors and dentists, and Starbucks. But good news for the Olive Branch.

Wanstead Hairdressers

: Some details here now at the Wanstead Guardian.

UPDATE 1800: Guardian now reporting power all restored.