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Is someone trolling us? We know our repeated appeals for sightings of hedgehogs have become well-known, but this little stone fella on Hermon Hill looks like a ringer.

Wansteadium reader Ali O’Riordan found this poor fella adrift in Wanstead Park – one of Wanstead’s few remaining hedgehogs. He was in some distress so she took him to get veterinary help and was told he had been burned at some point.

As ever, all hog sightings are welcome. And remember, they should not normally be seen during the day, so if they are visible do look out for signs of distress.

Cheeringly, Wansteadium’s prediction that only a single hedgehog remains in Wanstead have been disproven – just. There is at least one more.

Reader Jon sent us this picture that his daughter Elsie had taken in Wanstead Park last weekend. The hog was “very active”, he said, and was “heading down the main track towards the Temple, no doubt en route to the tea hut”.

Remember folks, don’t leave tea and coffee out for hedgehogs. And if there are any more sightings, please send photos to

Wansteadium reader Sarah spotted Wanstead’s last surviving hedgehog. Once upon a time we used to invite people to send in pictures of any hedgehogs they saw in or about Wanstead, but sightings dwindled and we concluded there can’t be any left. We may be wrong though – if so, please send pictures to Please do prove us wrong. And if you need hedgehog care advice, here is some.

The pioneering Seeds for Snaresbrook campaign – which launched last year by asking residents to “adopt” tree pits near their houses and then to plant bee-friendly flowers – is again offering people free seeds.

Ann Williams, co-ordinator of the Wanstead and Woodford Friends of the Earth says the group still has seeds for sowing in April in spare pieces of ground, including people’s gardens. And she adds that people who live in Redbridge but are outside Snaresbrook ward can also request seeds. Anyone interested should get in touch via their website – Wanstead and Woodford Friends of the Earth – or their Facebook page.


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