To a Skylark: Classical, folk and experimental music

Local musicians Joe Walters and Lucy Crowe curate an evening of music exploring themes associated with the skylark, our local Wanstead Flats resident struggling to survive in modern times. Joe and Lucy will perform with and alongside their friends, also locals of the area, and also musicians who feel the push and pull of urban life alongside their front garden that is Epping Forest. Expect classical song intertwined with folk, entangled with experimental indie and reimagined with free improvisation, all presented by leading exponents of these respective fields.

Lucy Crowe – soprano
Chris Higginbottom – drums, vocals
Ali McQueen – vocals, guitar
Pete Smith – tuba, vocals
Benedict Taylor – viola, vocals
Anna Tilbrook – piano
Josh Warren – violin, vocals
Joe Walters – piano, horn, trumpet guitar, vocals