Wanstead Community Gardeners’ Projects – Grove Park Linear Bed

Grove Park Linear Bed

linear bed linear bed 2


Rain Stopped Play

(But not before we’d made a good start on the Grove Park Linear Bed!)

Before: GPLB before

During: GPLB3   GPLB4

After:    GPLB after   linear bed 7

  linear bed 8



We were in good company on Sunday 12th suffering a wash out as did the many street parties. However, wha’s a bit of rain between friends?  Five or us made a start on the bed running along the service road into the Grove Park public car park and mostly cleared the three large patches. The people who live in the house next door were very happy to help us with anything needed. A hose perhaps for watering?  Not on this occasion maybe but no doubt will be useful later. Lots of people had donated plants, all lined up on the pavement along with our trusty A board announcing Wanstead  Community Gardeners Action.  Should have been wet action!  At some point, we decided that we couldn’t get any wetter, tidied up and made a quick exit to Caesar’s Palace.

So where are we now?  We have loads of good tempered plants to put in and the rain makes the soil perfect for planting. Before that happens, we are in need of some serious digging.  The soil is full of a network of bindweed roots. You pull them and they just come for ever. Very therapeutic really but we need ’em out.  Are there any people out there who like nothing better than a Serious Dig?  If so, your local community gardeners need you. Our next session will be this Tuesday, the 14th June, a 2.00pm session and an evening session starting at 6.00pm. However, any serious diggers out there who would like to help, please get in touch(wanstead.community.gardeners@gmail.com) and we’ll sort out a day and time to suit you.

Susan Winch Furness, our resident sign maker, has already got the old spade we will use for our Wanstead Community Gardeners’ sign. It’s a spade of great character. Everyone’ll love it.  We look forward to getting the plants in and being on our way to making an attractive herbaceous boarder on what was simply a non descript strip of litter and rubbish strewn land. After all, that’s what we do!