Wanstead’s newest shop, Superdrug, is opening its doors on Thursday  morning, just in time for last-weekend-before-Christmas gifts.  As we traditionally do here to new ventures, we wish them and their staff good luck.

And while we’re on the subject, bravo to the shop for following the correct planning rules about their shop sign not being “internally illuminated”. It looks much better for it.

(Updated to reflect fact that it’s not yet Thursday. Thanks @dj_slipper for the stubborn adherence to facts.)

Is Wanstead colder? A new mystery

Does Wanstead have its own microclimate which makes it colder than its surrounding areas?

Wanstead’s own weatherman, Scott Whitehead, who tweets as @wansteadmeteo, has blogged saying he has been comparing temperatures since the snow, and found that:

Wanstead was a degree cooler than St James’s Park, half a degree cooler than Heathrow and marginally cooler than Northholt. Only Kenley, with its whopping 170m of altitude, was cooler. While half a degree doesn’t sound much it can make all the difference, as we saw at the weekend when some areas recorded inches of snow while others barely a centimetre.

Intriguing. More discussion at his post.