Suddenly the most interesting shop in Wanstead

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Out of nowhere, it seems, Wanstead now has a new fascinating little shop which has such a wonderful mix of things for sale you almost expect to see Professor Yaffle on the bookshelf.

The shop has no name, and doesn’t do nails or coffee, but does have a parrot cage, a rocking horse, garden furniture, Beatles posters and odd perfume bottles for sale. They’re not antiques, or at least not all of them, and they refuse to be categorised into a single group. But they do all work together somehow.

It’s the sort of thing you might expect to find in a strange corner of Bethnal Green near Columbia Road, run by a hipster on a penny farthing. But not quite. It’s on Nightingale Lane and it’s run by former QPR goalie Peter Hucker, when he’s not running his soccer school.

It’s a curious interest he says, but customers seem intrigued.


Wanstead Tree Week

It’s the start of the second Wanstead Tree Week – a newish tradition where we get chance to celebrate the greenery around us. Later this week the Redbridge tree officers have generously agreed to take some questions from Wansteadium readers – send your questions to – and to kick off the festivities, here are some fab photos from reader Doug Hamilton. You’re welcome to send yours too – again to



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Another coffee, folks?


How much coffee can one place drink? There are reports – and Wansteadium is always upfront when it’s dealing with unconfirmed rumours – that at least two new cafes are planned for Wanstead.

We understand the Orange Tree site is to become a cafe, and we hear a similar report about the Designer Sale shop. This is despite being within yards of the longstanding favourite Nice Croissant (soon to be rebranded La Bakerie by its owner Fabien Ecuvillon, one of Wanstead’s hardest working men,), Starbucks and the recently opened Currant.

The former Wanstead News site we understand is to become a barber, again even though it is a very short distance from the decades-old Wanstead Hairdresser and the newcomer barbers at the old chocolate shop site.

Meanwhile, as we reported earlier this week, Londis did indeed close on Friday and is now a shell. Despite the spring in the step brought by the Ginger Pig and Harvey’s, times are still tough for High Street traders.

One player which is moving with the times is the Larder which from this Thursday and Friday will be opening late, serving wines and cocktails – the brainchild of barista Sean Grady. Book your tables now.

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Coming next… Wanstead Tree Week

Wansteadium's collections of conkers - all from Christ Church Green, one from each year that this site has been running
Wansteadium’s collections of conkers – all from Christ Church Green, one from each year that this site has been running

Next week is the second annual Wanstead Tree Week here on Wansteadium. As well as some interesting stories about Wanstead’s trees, your photos of our trees are welcome, and the Redbridge arboricultural officers have agreed to take your questions.

So send your tree photos or questions to us at

Sainsbury’s pulls plug on new Wanstead shop

Sainsbury’s has decided not to open a convenience store in the former Barclays Bank on Wanstead High Street.

The company told Wansteadium:  “We remain very interested in opening a new shop in Wanstead.

“However following a review we have decided not to progress our plans for a new convenience store at the former Barclays Bank.  Clearly this was not an easy decision to make and we’re grateful for people’s patience and support.
“We will now be marketing the site to interested parties so we bring the building back into use as quickly as possible.”