Fruit corner

greengages-pub-domainTwo offerings in Fruit News.

Guerrilla gardener Marian Temple writes:
“For those of you who don’t know what greengages are, they are a green plum, with a wonderful flavour. I have harvested my neighbour’s tree but won’t need them all. At present they are in my garage fridge – they’re wonderful as stewed fruit and excellent for jam. Get in touch with me at Donations to Amnesty International will be welcome, as will any offers of excess damsons for my Amnesty Jamnesty stall.”

*And second is an intriguing-looking project running in the railway arches near the Wanstead Tap. Called Urban Orchard it’s inviting people or groups to collect ripe apples, deliver them to the arches (and get paid for doing so), and will then turn them into genuine local cider. It’s the latest project from Simon Wright, the Wanstead-based purveyor of ginger beer under the Hawkes label

Churchill still MIA

smallerchurchill Mosaic03THIRD (1)No word yet on what was the result of the repairs of the massive Churchill portrait which formerly was hanging in the George (as we reported last month). Wetherspoons told us it had not been removed, as was the gossip, but was simply being repaired following water damage. Nothing more yet, but the artist behind the work, Carole Edrich, who made it for the first Art Trail, has sent us this photograph for anyone not familiar with the picture. Each photograph which makes up the mosaic was taken within quarter of a mile of the Churchill bust outside Manor House.

First up for the Fringe…

fringeweblogoThe fourth Wanstead Fringe is fast approaching and in the next few days we’ll be featuring some of the events taking place.

alison-300x251First up is Wanstead’s favourite crime-writer, Anya Lipska, whose books have delightfully featured areas familiar to Wanstead residents. The BBC is currently developing her Kershaw and Kiska characters into a possible TV series. Anyone who loves the world of crime-writing and fancies having a go will be interested in a two-hour workshop at which she will be giving pointers on finding great ideas, creating plot, structure and character, offering tips of the crime writer’s trade, and advice on how to get published. No previous fiction-writing experience is necessary but places are very limited.

You can buy tickets now at the Wanstead Fringe website.

Another prang

IMG_20160821_030017IMG_20160821_025940Another late-night collision at the junction of Wanstead High Street with New Wanstead, with one car on the crossroads and one in bushes nearby. There wasn’t any sign of casualties. Spotted by trusty snapper Marcus Tylor some time after 3am.

Top bananas

IMG_6295Two things to think about the new sign at the soon-to-reopen greengrocers: one is the respect for a bit of history in keeping the name Harvey’s, even though it’s got  new owners. Two is the sheer classiness of the shopfront.

And though this risks becoming a theme, how exactly do you get a mahoosive cabinet into a shop? Like this…