The next phase of Redbridge doing its bit for the climate emergency is to be considered on Monday by the council – and it could mean the wheelie bin pilot being extended across the whole borough.

Other measures recommended in a report to the council include:

  • Considering putting solar panels or heat pumps at existing Redbridge sites, including schools
  • Encouraging residents to cut food waste, increase composting and take part in improved recycling
  • Making council buildings and vehicles meet environmental standards
  • Improving cycling infrastructure
  • Increasing facilities for charging electric and hybrid cars
  • Encouraging businesses and resident behaviour to make 50% of journeys by “active, efficient and sustainable” modes of transport
  • Increase biodiversity by increasing the proportion of the borough which is covered by trees by 10%
  • Ensure new developments – especially those in urban areas – include requirements for diversity.

The full list of recommendations which is being presented to council leaders is available on the Redbridge website.

Whatever other problems our changing lifestyles are posing, the signs of hope for the health of Wanstead High Street are still strong.

Two new ventures, both run by women, have opened this week, just a few days after the new wine specialist Daygustation.

Bridal Reloved Wanstead has opened in Cuckfield House, behind the Cuckfield pub. Owner Debbie Clifford writes: “We are a multi award-winning national franchise specialising in designer sample and pre-loved wedding dresses, which are much more eco friendly and affordable than having one custom made.”

The shop is open briefly before lockdown starts, but during lockdown will be doing virtual appointments. Its website is, and it is on Facebook and Instagram as @bridalrelovedwanstead.

Nearby, a dog grooming parlour has opened in the Heads’n’Tails pet shop. Barking Beautiful is run by Emily Rose, who has been grooming in central London for six years, and is ideally located in a room at the back of the shop. She is best contacted via Instagram as @barking.beautiful.

Good luck to both valiant entrepreneurs, especially in these trying circumstances.

Bridal Reloved
Bridal BReloved
Barking Beautiful

The plans for Poppy Day sales have changed because of the lockdown – and so Jim the Poppy Man will be selling poppies on Wanstead High Street ONLY today (Wednesday 4 Nov) and not this coming weekend as planned.

Poppies are still available  from Wanstead Station, the Ginger Pig, the Co-op, Krishandco News, Snaresbrook News, Heads’n’Tails and (TBC) Moments.

Every autumn we record the date of the first frost of the season, and that is today. You’ll see that it is well within the range of normal activity. You might notice something else, which we will return to soon…

2019 – 4 November
2018 – 25 September
2017 – 30 October
2016 – 2 November
2015 – 23 November
2014 – 6 November
2013 – 13 November
2012 – 6 November
2011 – 25 November
2010 – 21 October

Congratulations to Matt Day on the opening of Daygustation, Wanstead’s new high street wine and cheese bar. He’s the latest example of a Wanstead resident turning a passion into an occupation. He’s worked in wine for the past 20 years but not had his own shop like this before and decided over the lockdown that now was the time to fulfil his ambition.

The shop has a hand-picked range of wines, plus cheese and meats, and in due course plates will be served at the barrels at the front of the shop, which is in the former Martin&Co office at the Snaresbrook end of the high street.

Good luck to Matt on his new venture!

Artificial Poppies used to commemorate Remembrance Day.

Susan Carroll, Wanstead’s Poppy Appeal Organiser, writes:

This year’s poppy appeal will be going ahead, although in a slightly different format than in previous years.  Poppies will still be available in many of the stores that usually carry them, including Daisy, Moments, Heads and Tails, Ginger Pig and the supermarkets.

The street collection will, however, only be on Friday 6th and Saturday 7th November, when Jim the poppy man and I will be manning a table so as to observe social distancing rules.  This will be based outside the former Percy Ingles bakery to take advantage of the empty storefront and not block anyone else’s premises.  There is a 2020 date pin and a belated VE Day pin, plus crosses and star of David’s alongside the regular poppies but no other items.