Jubilee details for Wanstead

Some useful details for this weekend’s activities. More events too in the Wanstead Events Calendar.

Do send any photos you might take to info@wansteadium.com.


As usual Wanstead will get a ringside seat for the flypast on Thursday morning as the aircraft come low to fly over central London. They are expected after 12.50, and St Mary’s church is holding a viewing party.


The highest point in Redbridge is at the Redbridge Cycling Centre, so that is where our corporate beacon will be lit. We don’t think it will be visible from Wanstead, though we may be wrong, and beacons may be visible towards the south for anyone with views in that direction. The beacon will be lit at 9.45pm.

Street parties

These are the days and times of Wanstead street parties over the next few days. Hopefully the weather forecast will improve for the weekend.

Street to be closed and Street Numbers/Junctions AffectedParty DateTime
Pulteney Road, from Foxdene Close to 6203/06/20229am-9pm
Empress Avenue, from Woodford New Road to A1199 Woodford Green03/06/20229pm-10pm
Addison Road, from Cambridge Park to Chaucer Road04/06/20229am-10pm
Dover Road, from Margaretting Road to Wanstead Park Avenue04/06/20229am-9pm
Preston Drive, from 10 to 6204/06/202210pm-6pm
Clavering Road, from Northumberland Avenue to Empress Avenue04/06/202211am-11pm
Gloucester Road, From Buckingham Road to Leicester Road04/06/202210am-10pm
Cowley Road, from junction of Wellesley Road to Nightingale Lane05/06/20229am-9pm
Mansfield Road, Harrier Avenue to Redbridge Lane West05/06/20229am-9pm
Cheyne Avenue,  from 1 to 5205/06/20229am-9pm
Broxbourne Avenue, from Cranbourne Avenue to Charnwood Drive05/06/20229am-9pm
Tavistock Road, from No 3 to Cleveland Road05/06/20229am-9pm
Rutland Road, from Leicester Road to Buckingham Road05/06/20229am-9pm
Gordon Road, from Cambridge Park to Chaucer Road05/06/20229am-9pm
Windsor Road, from Lakehouse Road to Belgrave Road05/06/20229am-9pm
Spratt Hall Road, from Woodbine Place to Chaucer Road05/06/20229am-9pm
Alexandra Road, from Hermon Hill to Burton Road05/06/20229am-9pm
Voluntary Place, from 20 Voluntary Place to end and to end of Greenstone Mews05/06/20229am-9pm
Warren Road, from Redbridge Lane West to Langley Crescent05/06/20229am-9pm
Colebooke Drive, From Langley Drive up to and including 32 and 48 Warren Road05/06/20229am-9pm
Orford Road, From No. 22 to Pulteney Road05/06/20229am-9pm
South View Drive, From Monmouth to Hurstwood Avenue05/06/20229am-9pm
Crescent Road, from Waverley Road to End of Road05/06/20229am-9pm
Langley Drive, From Langley Crescent to Colebrooke Drive05/06/20229am-9pm
Cranbourne Avenue, from Rodney Road to Ashbourne Avenue05/06/20229am-9pm
Warwick Road, From Buckingham Road to Leicester Road05/06/20229am-9pm
Chester Road, from Oak Hall Road to Drummond Road05/06/20229am-9pm
Cadogan Gardens, from No. 45 to No. 10105/06/20229am-9pm
Dangan Road, from Cambridge Park to Chaucer Road05/06/20229am-9pm
Deynecourt Gardens, From Eaton Rise to Elmcroft Avenue05/06/20229am-9pm
Wellington Road, From High Street to Nelson Road05/06/20229am-9pm
Elmhurst Drive, from No. 1 to No. 1505/06/20229am-9pm
Richmond Way, from Belgrave Road to Lakehouse Road05/06/20229am-9pm
Grosvenor Road, From Stanstead Road to Leicester Road05/06/20229am-9pm

And lastly, congratulations to Wanstead Church School for restaging this photo from 1977. Any Wansteadium readers who were in the original photo are welcome to share their kudos below.


Crossing plan

The council’s plan to install a raised platform at the Zebra crossing on Wanstead High Street outside the Corner House has become a bit clearer.

The plans were published earlier this year, but now there are markings on the road which indicate that the road is going to be substantially narrowed at the crossing, with a ramp which will bring the road level up to pavement height. This will bring it into line with the modern style for crossings – and we imagine will make the crossing somewhat safer. Vehicles will be slowed by the raised platform, and pedestrians will be on the road for less time.

Earlier this year there was a collision at the crossing in which a pedestrian was injured. In 2016, 91-year-old Basant Lal Sharma was killed on the crossing.

Is Wanstead zebra crossing unsafe?

Verdict on the parklet

Wanstead’s parklet is nearly a year old, and people’s views on it are now being collected. A research project by the University of Westminster is asking residents what they make of it by taking part in an online survey.

Officially known as the Wanstead Mobility Hub, the parklet was installed last Spring and initially (we thought) looked rather attractive, though the woods and plants are in need of a bit of TLC. But it’s the mobility aspects the survey is really interested in (see pic below), and the survey raises the prospect of the hub only being there on an experimental basis.

The survey is here: https://extraredbridge.commonplace.is

Before and after – pics from Google Streetview via ExtraRedbridge.commonplace.is