So long to the Larder

A generation of Wanstead children brought up on Pom-Bears and Squishy Yoghurt pouches while their parents sipped lattes and flat whites will be shocked to hear about the closure of the Larder after nearly 20 years.

Along with the Olive Branch – now Joice cafe – the Larder was at the forefront of the wave of coffee shops which has changed the face of Wanstead. In 2018 it expanded into the former Judith of Wanstead premises, as we reported here. The site is now changing hands and will, it is understood, be redecorated and refurbished and will remain a cafe.

Staff at the much-loved shop have been given presents and commiserations by members of the community who remember catching up over cappuccinos with friends and fellow parents. In the meantime at least one about-to-be former member of staff is understood to be performing at Glastonbury, continuing her passion and talent as a semi-professional backing singer.

But for all the staff who have served at the Larder over the years, thank you for your service.

3 thoughts on “So long to the Larder”

  1. I have so many happy memories of going to The Larder when my children were pre-school age from 2010 onwards.
    As the article says, a great place to catch up with all the other parents from our NCT group, who became such good friends .
    So long , The Larder, and thank you!

  2. This place was like a second home to me…for me, the coffee, was the best. I haven’t tasted anything close to it. Above all, I will miss the staff who over the years have become more like friends. A big thank you to all of you for making my daily visits a pleasure.

  3. I feel the high street is now reaching saturation point with cafes. The busiest will survive and the less busy will now struggle. I am not sure of the reasons the owners sold and it may be unrelated to the ongoing success but it doesn’t seem as busy as it used to be. It’s not simply about what is ‘better’ but about what has the highest number of customers that helps generate enough profit. It’s always sad to see an established business go but when there stiff competition, and supply is very high, then the less popular will struggle and go.

    People often ask how many cafes the high street needs. I suspect we’re at that point. I think there’ll be a few more changing/going and the strongest will thrive.

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