Wanstead’s coffee experiment ramps up

The unofficial experiment being conducted in Wanstead over the past few years – to see just how many coffee shops one High Street can sustain – is gearing up.

The long-observed Wagon Wanstead cafe, which has been standing idle for more than a year, has now opened. Inside looks very smart, with Perky Blenders coffee being served and some attractive-looking pastries on offer. Opening next door to the well-established and much-loved Bare Brew is a brave move.

But an even bigger venture is being prepared for the former Sumo Fresh site, which rumour had it was going to become a curry restaurant.

Joice Cafe already has branches in Stoke Newington, Balham and Mill Hill, and from looking at the menus on offer in those places, this is going to be more than a coffee shop with a range of breakfasts, brunches, and wines/spirits. They even offer Dirty Chai Lattes, whatever they may be.

The newcomers will take, at our count, the coffee shop/cafe tally to 15, in addition to pubs and restaurants. Just how elastic is the demand for coffee? If they bring more people into Wanstead and increase its vitality and vibrancy then few will complain.

It’s long been Wansteadium’s tradition to wish new traders good luck in their ventures, and we do so now too. But we also wish good luck to the establishments who have been toiling away for years.

10 thoughts on “Wanstead’s coffee experiment ramps up”

  1. Good luck
    To this new business I hope the do well but you can only drink or eat once on a visit to
    Wanstead , and apart from a quick shop there is nothing else to keep you in the town with only one dress shop
    And a card shop what else is there to keep
    You there , we do need more of a variety of shops , a shoe shop perhaps or a home wear shop , a good old fashioned haberdashery/ craft shop.

    1. I do agree with you Jac we need more shops in the high street such as a Shoe Shop , men outfitters , Proper book shop , Sport Shops etc.. and good restaurants in the fashion of our beloved Marmiton etc … anything but More overpriced Coffee shops.,, Really 13 shops !! too many..

      I recall years ago we were asked what “WE Locals to Wanstead” desire as a business to replace “Dennis the Butcher” and the Vietnamese restaurant Naman near The George Pub… we all voted for M & S and another proper Butcher ( Good Ginger Pig came and saved the day )and M & S was delighted to be chosen.
      I think it would be a good democratic and Fair move by a concept of collaboration and shared responsibility where both parties are working together to send a survey/ polite Consideration Via maybe Wansteadium or a local News papers TBA if we really want another Coffee Shop in Our main Street…and therefore trying to keep the Demographic residents to stay AND shop in our High street.. the result will encourage more outsider/ visitors to our street, increase income and jobs , and the chance for these 13 Coffee shops to stay alive ???? !

      Wishing good luck & prosperity to “Joice Cafe”

      I wonder if a

  2. Yet another relaxing coffee shop – take you earplugs for the screaming brats running wild and your crampons to tackle the mountains of Strollers as they are called now – no thanks

  3. The high street has changed and it won’t go back. Clothes shops can’t compete with Westfield. We’ve had a few and they’ve gone as there isn’t the revenue to support them. People go to the high st to buy food in the shops, eat in cafes or restaurants or go to hair dressers. High st now survive on offering what people don’t buy online. It’s an instant demand market. It’s changed everywhere not just here. As to how many coffee shops it’ll support. If they’re busy they’ll survive. If they’re quiet they won’t. And if they’re busy then it’s what Wanstead wants. The high st is as busy as I’ve ever known it during the week and weekends. People come for lunch/coffee during the day or dinner/pub in the evening. And it’s a destination. If people really wanted clothes shops, those that have come and gone over the years would still be here.

  4. I would really love a good cheese shop with cheese-based restaurant-wine bar. There is a really good one in Rochester on two small sites – have a look here to see what I mean. thecheeseroomrochester.co.uk

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