Phew. The vitality and viability of Wanstead is saved

Oh thank you, Mr Government Planning Inspector, for ensuring Wanstead High Street can have electronic adverts scrolling all day every day, pushing out new streams of commercial messages.

Thank you too for overruling our own elected authorities who thought our conservation area didn’t need them. But you accepted the arguments of the advertisers, who said that they would support the “vitality and viability” of Wanstead.

Thank you for your years of training and expertise in enabling you to make such sagacious judgements. We will rejoice in our vitality.

  • Wansteadium asked Redbridge Council for its opinion on being overruled, and whether this board represented the thin end of a wedge. A spokesman said:

The Council is disappointed that the Planning Inspectorate overruled the council’s decision and allowed these advertising panels on the High Street within the Conservation Area. The appeal decision is a material consideration regarding any future application for these types of adverts. We will closely scrutinise future applications to ensure we do not have an unsightly proliferation of such advertising panels on our High Streets.

8 thoughts on “Phew. The vitality and viability of Wanstead is saved”

    1. Just to clarify on this. Any rates which come from advertising boards are split three ways between central government, the GLA and the local borough council. In other words, Redbridge gets something but probably not very much.

  1. Defibrillator information cannot be a bad thing? I wonder if sme information could be displayed on them as to where those claiming homelessness and seeking money from passers by can go to seek support and financial help as the street scene is becoming desperately worse, especially the encampment out side Tesco Express.

    1. It was rejected by the council. But central government have overruled and insist we have it on the high street.

  2. Is it possible to find out the conditions on brightness? It’s visibly significantly brighter than the one outside Tesco, who surely aren’t making theirs any less bright than they’re required to? There are plenty of light meter apps to check.

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