A glimpse inside Wanstead’s veterinary hospital (squeamish beware)

Most Wanstead residents have probably driven past the veterinary hospital on New Wanstead hundreds of times on their way from Green Man roundabout. But even pet-owners will only have been in there on the rarest of occasion. Now blogger and student vet Stefan has told us more than we need to know about life inside. (Seriously, if you are squeamish or eating something, do something else right now.)

On his blog, he writes:

I was able to watch Johan do a full spay on Candy. A Pyometra is when the uterus is infected with pus. This raises the dogs temperature and has the capability to explode inside the dog, filling it completely with pus and the dog could end up dying from septacaemia. It was very very unhealthy looking, panting and uncomfortable with a putrid smelling discharge. I had to wear a hat and a mask and scrubs because the hospital was a bit more sterilised, but the surgery was once again, fascinating. He cut the stomach cleanly, ligated the blood vessels and just lifted out the uterus gently. He had to lift it away from the abdominal cavity just incase it burst.

That’s more than enough, though if you are for some reason wanting to know more, there is some on his blog, along with pictures too. Don’t say you weren’t warned. Sorry if you’re disturbed by it, bu it is all part of Wanstead’s rich tapestry etc etc.