A new DIY shop for Wanstead

 Wansteadium has been otherwise engaged for the past few weeks, so the fire at Wanstead Fish largely passed without comment  (though much concern, since this is a venture that the whole of Wanstead seems to love and admire), as have the renovations at the former Nam Am, the first anniversary of Sainsbury’s applying for permission to open a branch at the former Barclays Bank, and the perplexing decision of Wanstead’s most prominent newsagent to stop selling newspapers and move, apparently, into the helium business.

BUT there is one thing which cannot be missed, and that is the imminent opening of a new DIY shop in the former and long empty Painted House. From the preparations it looks delightfully unglamorous and practical. It’s no Robert Dyas, that’s for certain, but boy do they have a selection of sticky tape, little packets of screws and shower hoses. We hope to find out more – and will in doing so spare a thought for what it might mean for Heads n Tails – and will let you know. (Fingers crossed they won’t change the name… The Painted House is top name for a DIY shop.)

8 thoughts on “A new DIY shop for Wanstead”

  1. The next stage is a diy ‘shed for seniors’ with workshop space, benches and tools for woodworking, woodturning etc.
    The nearest one I know is the Blackhorse Workshop.
    http://www.blackhorseworkshop.co.uk. Address; 1-2 Sutherland Road Path, London E17 6BX.
    The national body for all men sheds is ukmsa.org.uk.
    Both websites are worth a visit.

    1. Saw this system in Australia. Retired men mostly with various skills in engineering and carpentry etc on hand to assist its members who would bring their individual projects along and tackle the repairs under expert guidance if required. Great system and allows active seniors a space to carry out their projects. Brilliant idea.

  2. Alas, it looks like ‘The Painted House’ may have gone.
    I have just gone past it ( Tuesday 20:45hrs) and it’s being painted over. Looks like the new DIY shop is leading by example.

  3. What a fantastic idea from Owen. I would love to have one of these workspaces in Wanstead. All those little DIY projects that could be done in an afternoon with the right tools and space to work.

  4. Wanstead Girl – I walked past Nam Am last week and saw what looked like to be a site manager so I asked him what it was going to be, to which he smiled and replied ‘M&S or Waitrose’. It would appear that the space is being converted by the current owners with flats above and retail space downstairs.

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