A poem from Wanstead’s C5 fella

Last week Wansteadium featured a gentleman riding an actual Sinclair C5 (pictured). He was Jogga Singh Teidy, and he writes:

I am the guy in the C5! Thanks for the shot, just trying to keep fit and I hope others pick up an activity they enjoy.
I have an entry in the UN Peace Poem competiton and am looking for support for it… particularly anyone clicking “like” at the end of the poem
I hope you can help.

The poem begins with these lines:

We are mortals, of the highest evolutionary or created order.
We seek mortality for ourselves and our own, in peace and security and happiness’s to abound.
We, our own selves in this endeavour, seek also in fear or greed and want simply want to,
without a just cause, do rise upon others, seeking the same, and yet leaving us alone!

To read the full poem, and click “Like” if you do like, use this link.