A robot’s guide to “Wan. Stead”

We’re not sure why anyone would go to the trouble of putting this video together but they have, and if we don’t appreciate the rather random nature of facts, pictures and weird synthesised voice, then no one will.
Particularly enjoyable are the way the voice says Wanstead, and the year 1824. And in true clickbait style, you’ll NOT BELIEVE point six!!!

(If you’re an iPhone user, you will need to click here.)

If we were to find fault with the video it’s that the facts are just too darned interesting. Surely we can, together, come up with more boring facts than the six the robot chose??

One thought on “A robot’s guide to “Wan. Stead””

  1. How about ‘the first nail bar opened in ….’?

    By the way, I think point six might have something to do with historical cattle grazing rights.

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