A Wanstead property boom? Plus a plan for the old cop shop

georgecparker320x339Wansteadium’s property  blogger George C Parker writes:

Shuffle up dear Wansteadians, it’s getting rather busy around the old place of late. People are flocking to the village in droves, pouncing on every property that comes to market. There’s a swagger in the step of every sales and letting agent in the place, as some dear Wansteadium readers have been finding out.

This week a plaintive tweet bewailed the short supply of one-bed flats for rent, with one having received 7 offers from prospective tenants on the first day alone. By all accounts viewing sessions are resembling minor sieges, such is the demand. I’ll be monitoring our friend’s timeline in earnest in the hope that her ideal new home becomes available very soon. Channelling Sir Winston: the darkest hour is just before the dawn. And to quote Parker: your perfect property is definitely out there, it’s merely a matter of finding it.

policeHere’s an example; aside from one bedroom apartments, there is an extremely short supply of Wanstead police stations on the market at the moment. In fact I can only see one for sale at present, and despite a certain dilapidation, some missing roof lead etc, I am certain that it will be snapped up very soon. Possessing such a commanding view of Wanstead, its bakeries and fast food outlets, and with plenty of office, detention and parking facilities – it’s surely only a matter of time before Spratt Hall Nick is purchased by the Met. It’s tailor made as an office for officers to carry out serious crime detection and prevention initiatives based on technology and social media. They can have that idea for free.

nutterSome interesting properties have caught my monocled eye this week: firstly this splendid “bungalow” on the Avenue. It’s a clever redevelopment, offering a luxury-sized residence for those who prefer or need not to use stairs.

Secondly, for those who do appreciate a good staircase – this beauty here comes with a balustrade that could be highly polished for maximum downward sliding velocity. Handy for the sports clubs down that way as well.

Finally, I can’t help wondering if the recent success of the Fringe has dusted us all with a little extra pride and enjoyment in Wanstead life. The local estate agents tended to think so, with most of them mentioning it in their glossy Summer mailouts. By and large, Evergreen-shaped fiascos notwithstanding, 2013 has gone well thus far. We now have sushi, we got an outdoor (very nearly underwater) cinema venue and we have a Fringe. We’re definitely getting cooler now. Sit tight!

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