Actual good work on the troubled zebra crossing

The redevelopment of the zebra crossing on Wanstead High Street is complete, and we think the solution that the relevant traffic planners have come up with is pretty good.

You’ll remember the problem, which we highlighted in January following another accident on the crossing – it is that the trees could possibly obscure people about to cross. Solutions discussed at the time were that the crossing should move, that the trees should go, or that traffic lights should be installed.

The solution eventually gone for was to build out the pavement outside the Corner House, and introduce a raised platform for the crossing. This means cars are slowed, that pedestrians are on the road for less time, and – crucially – that the visibility of people waiting or about to cross is far more obvious for drivers. The trees survive, and the flow of traffic isn’t slowed down by the constant red lights of a pelican crossing.

So, we think, good work all round.

8 thoughts on “Actual good work on the troubled zebra crossing”

  1. Great the trees were saved but seen houses built quicker without as much fuss. Some countries replace bridges in a weekend.

  2. Might be anecdotal, but I’ve witnessed a number of cars driving straight through already. Suspect the crossing might be a bit difficult to see under some conditions when its upon the raised bump?

  3. Glad LBR took action but I cannot see how a small raise in height of a crossing, still located after a blind bend, provides enhanced safety? Surely optimal to move it away from the bend and slow vehicles before the crossing. This new crossing is unlikely to prove effective. 7 weeks work and a load of money for this outcome!

  4. I am not so sure. I have been caught twice by cars continuing to drive through when I am already on the crossing. Many drivers still think there is an Island in the middle unless they increase the visibility I can see further accidents happening

  5. It was a good solution to extend the pavement beyond the trees. However, with the island gone, traffic will move more slowly and it makes the crossing a bit less visible. Only time will tell. Let’s hope for the best.

  6. I never had an issue with the old crossing. I used to slow down & check! But tonight, around
    8.45 pm driving towards The George, I stopped for a pedestrian coming from the Left. She cleared the crossing & a car drove by from the opposite direction. Somehow as I was about to drive on, a man and his dog were crossing from the Right. I don’t know if he had stepped out & been obscured by that car. Whether it was dim light or what! That crossing seems endless …. I think there will be other incidents. I apologised to him. It freaked me out as I still don’t know how I didn’t see him 🙁 And no, I don’t need to go to Specsavers

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