An amazing shot of old Wanstead (now with added blue plate)

A view of Wanstead from 1900. Wansteadium reader Jill Stock sent us this photo which was taken by her husband Michael’s great uncle Hezekiah Collins (got to love those Victorian names).

The picture shows the Swiss Cottage, which was in the garden of Lake House in Wanstead which was demolished in 1962 to build the Met. Police Cadet quarters. The elderly gentleman is Michael’s great grandfather, John William Collins and the little girl seated on the slope, is his granddaughter Emelia (Hezekiah’s daughter).

What a cracker. Could almost be painted in blue on a plate.

Update: We couldn’t resist. Here’s the blue plate version...

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12 thoughts on “An amazing shot of old Wanstead (now with added blue plate)”

  1. Such a shame this delightful building and bridge is no longer there, preserved as part of local historical interest. The building there instead is an eyesore from the outside.

  2. Photos in this series were turned into postcards, of which I have several. The mount and the canal are remnants of 1st Earl Tylney’s Great Lake, which was constructed in the 1730s and abandoned around 1818. Its outline is closely reflected by that of the Edwardian Lake House Estate.

  3. Glad you like them as much as we do; very lucky to have photographers in the family and that someone kept them for someone like me to research our family and be able to identify them.

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