An invitation to the people of Wanstead

This is an invitation.

You can’t move for self improvement initiatives nowadays… eat less meat, get more steps, breathe more deeply, and so on. Here is another one: get stuck in.

Wanstead has got so much going for it – one hardly need to tell readers of this site that. But despite that, one thing it is short on is culture. The people here are intelligent and talented, with an appreciation of the good things of life. And yet culture – not so much.

Which is where, nine years ago, the Wanstead Fringe came in. A group of like-minded folk decided to change matters, and in the years since, every autumn this place has been transformed into somewhere with live music, live comedy, films, talks, theatre, cookery demonstrations. The Wanstead Fringe fortnight is one of the undoubted highlights of the year.

So that’s the reason for this invitation to get stuck in. For the Fringe to continue developing and growing and remaining fresh, we need people with new ideas, new enthusiasm, new energy. We want the Fringe to appeal to the whole community, and all age groups. If you can combine your instinct for self-improvement with wanting to improve life in Wanstead, please do get in touch. We will help you get stuck in. You can email me at

Thank you

Giles Wilson, Wanstead Fringe Association

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