Announcing a new Wanstead hunt… carol singers

Regular readers will have no need to be reminded of our annual hunt for hedgehogs in Wanstead. It’s time for a winter equivalent: old-fashioned carol singers doing their thing, house-to-house, possibly gathered under a lantern. Does that still happen? If you witness it or take part, please let us know using the email address, stating clearly which carols were sung. Thank you.

One thought on “Announcing a new Wanstead hunt… carol singers”

  1. Please do not encourage door to door carol signing, some of us have babies in bed. It is bad enough with the charity botherers & Fruit and Veg sellers.
    Also, just because you are going around singing carols does not mean you can sing or sound good! Please get together and practice first.

    Bah Humbug and happy Christmas.

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