Announcing… the first ever Wanstead Fringe!

Attention, good people of Wanstead. Are you weary of forever wishing that, if only such-and-such a thing happened in Wanstead, it would be really cool? Do you find yourself looking at other, more funky, areas of London, and thinking ‘That could be Wanstead, if only…’ Have you ever lusted after someone else’s vibe?

Well help is at hand – or, to put it more accurately, self-help.

Wansteadium has very great pleasure in announcing that the first ever Wanstead Fringe will be held this year, between Saturday 7 and Saturday 14 September – that’s the week leading up to the Wanstead Festival on Christ Church Green.

The fringe will consist of a variety of events – including COMEDY! FOOD! DESIGN! PHOTOGRAPHY! MUSIC! BAKING! CYCLING! RACONTEURS! (how classy is that?) and REAL ALE!

This website will be revealing more details in the coming week, but there is one very important message that we would urge all readers to bear in mind: this fringe is self-organised. It’s just ordinary Wanstead folk deciding to do something practical to help make Wanstead better.

Which is where you come in. Would you think of organising an event yourself? There are six weeks in which to get stuff set up – which is do-able if you start now. And if you want to be involved but don’t think you can arrange an event, will you help with one of the other events? Or maybe you’d help with telling other people about the fringe?

Watch this website for more details about how to get involved in the days to come, and in the meantime, if you want to let us know that you’re interested, send your details using the form below.

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